Monday, September 12, 2011

Can't Get It Out Of My Head

I lied…this is another post about football.  At least this time it's about subway art.  :)

A few weeks ago I posted the Alabama Fight Song Subway Art I made on Etsy.  Someone pinned my sign on Pinterest (thanks by the way to whoever it was), and tons of people started viewing my listing.  At first I had just intended on making Alabama and maybe Auburn ones, but everyone wanted one.  I had people asking if I could make canvases for Oklahoma, Notre Dame, Kentucky, Ohio State, and Penn State.  I'm certainly not complaining about the success of this item, I just wish it didn't take so long to make them.  I have been working like crazy trying to get all of these made and shipped.

There is also another downfall of making these.  I now know the words to all of these schools' fight songs.  After I made the Auburn one, I walked around the house singing "War Eagle…Fly Down the Field" over and over again.  I could not get that dang song out of my head for days (hence the title).  Obviously, Alabama's is the best (my vote may be a little biased), but I have to give Auburn credit.  Their fight song is MUCH better than a lot of other schools.  Notre Dame's is probably the worst I've seen so far.  No offense to the Fighting Irish, but "send a volley cheer on high"…what does that even mean?

Here are some of the signs I've made so far.

The University of Alabama

Penn State University

University of Oklahoma

Ohio State University

Auburn University
(I accidentally messed this one up, but you get the idea of how it would look)

Ohio University

University of Kentucky

If you are interested in purchasing a canvas, please email me at or visit my Etsy shop.  Don't worry if you don't see the school you want pictured.  I can make these for pretty much any school.  Just send me the fight song lyrics.

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